Welcome to a realm of sophistication and luxury – our latest masterpiece at Lumosber, Singapore. This penthouse project, meticulously crafted by Antone by D, stands as a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of modern interior design. Join us on a virtual tour as we unravel the design choices, innovations, and challenges encountered in bringing this vision to life. 

 1.Elegance Redefined:

The penthouse at Lumos exudes an air of refined elegance from the moment you step through the door. Neutral color palettes with hints of gold and marble accents set the tone for a timeless aesthetic. Each room tells its story while maintaining a seamless flow of sophistication. 

 2.Innovative Space Utilization:

Challenges often spark innovation. The limited space of a penthouse presented us with the opportunity to reimagine spatial dynamics. From multifunctional furniture to clever storage solutions, every inch of the Lumos penthouse is optimized for both style and functionality. 

3.Panoramic Views:

Situated at an enviable height, the penthouse boasts panoramic views of the Singapore skyline. Maximizing the visual connection with the exterior became a focal point of our design. Floor-to-ceiling windows, strategically placed mirrors, and open layouts capitalize on the breathtaking surroundings. 

4.Balancing Modernity and Timelessness:

Our design ethos revolves around a delicate balance between modern trends and timeless aesthetics. The Lumos penthouse seamlessly blends contemporary elements with classic features, creating an ambiance that transcends the confines of time. 

5.Bespoke Furnishings:

In the pursuit of uniqueness, bespoke furnishings play a pivotal role. Every piece in the Lumos penthouse is custom-designed, reflecting the client’s personality and enhancing the overall design narrative. From statement lighting fixtures to handcrafted furniture, each element is a testament to luxury. 

6.Overcoming Challenges:

Design is not without its challenges. Limited space, architectural nuances, and client preferences all contribute to a dynamic puzzle. Our team at Antone by D thrives on overcoming these challenges, turning potential obstacles into opportunities for innovation and creativity. 

Embark on Your Own Design Journey: 

Inspired by our Lumos project? Antone by D invites you to embark on your own design journey. Elevate your living space with our expertise and transform your vision into a reality. Contact us for a consultation, and let’s bring luxury home. 


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