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From our founders' desk

I love to create. There’s a certain magic in this process of creation which I find intense joy in. There’s nothing more than to witness your design and creativity take on a physical form in the finished product. Understanding my client’s needs is the first step to my creative process.  I see myself as a tool in articulating what their aspirations are. Simon Sinek once said in an interview which still resonates for me and has since been my mantra, “When you don’t understand people you don’t understand your business.”
I create and design spaces that bear the characteristics of the clients that are personal to them. It’s the personal touches that creates intimate spaces, be it a home or an office.

Our Services

Simply said, Antone by D has managed all aspects of interior design, including but not limited to renovation, furniture designing and interior styling.
We have helped customers realised their dream home through our step by step design process and for that simple reason this enduring connection is the biggest benefit of our interior designing philosophy.

Providing custom-fitted furniture pieces that is unique and one off for your project.
Finishes and fitting are specially curated to compliments one another.

Antone by D takes on a bespoke approach to styling.
With our extensive experience, we take on the advisory role in your styling journey to beautify each space.

Design Project Management

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Featured Projects

Home Tour: A Stylish Penthouse in Singapore with Amazing Views of Orchard Road

Perched on the highest level of a residential development, the five-bedroom penthouse offers a stunning scenic view of Singapore’s Orchard Road shopping belt. Large windows found in nearly every room within the apartment frames the picturesque panorama and offers a 360-degree view of the cityscape. “There was so much potential,” recalls Divya.