Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes in the dynamic world of interior design? Join us for an exclusive look into a day in the life of Divya Anthony, the visionary behind Antone by D. From creative brainstorming to overcoming challenges, here’s a glimpse into the captivating journey of an interior designer. 

Morning Inspiration: 

The day begins with inspiration-seeking rituals. Divya often starts with a visit to local markets, art galleries, or even a quiet walk in nature. Drawing inspiration from diverse sources allows her to infuse unique elements into her designs, creating spaces that resonate with individual stories. 

Client Collaborations: 

A significant part of Divya’s day involves collaborating with clients. Each project starts with understanding the client’s vision, lifestyle, and preferences. Through detailed consultations, Divya ensures that her designs not only meet but exceed the expectations of those who entrust their spaces to Antone by D. 

Design Conceptualization: 

The heart of Divya’s day lies in the conceptualization phase. Armed with inspiration and insights from clients, she translates ideas into design concepts. Sketching, mood boards, and material selection are all part of the meticulous process that brings visions to life. 

Overseas Adventures for Bespoke Pieces: 

A unique aspect of Divya’s journey involves occasional overseas travel to source bespoke furniture pieces. Exploring international design hubs adds a global touch to her projects, ensuring that Antone by D’s creations are infused with a curated selection of furniture and accessories. 

Vendor and Artisan Coordination: 

Collaboration extends beyond clients to vendors and artisans. Divya actively engages with suppliers, ensuring that the materials selected align with the vision. Supporting local artisans is a priority, adding a personalized touch to each project. 

Site Visits and Project Management: 

Hands-on involvement is a hallmark of Divya’s approach. Site visits are a crucial part of ensuring that designs are implemented seamlessly. Overseeing construction, installations, and coordinating with contractors are all part of the intricate dance of project management. 

Creative Challenges: 

No day is without its challenges. From unexpected design hiccups to navigating tight timelines, Divya’s problem-solving skills and creative ingenuity come to the forefront. Challenges are viewed as opportunities for innovation, turning each project into a unique masterpiece. 

Reflection and Iteration: 

The day concludes with reflection. Divya takes time to review the day’s progress, ensuring that every detail aligns with her commitment to excellence. Design iterations and refinements contribute to the continuous pursuit of perfection. 

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